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"JoyCon II"

A Weekend of Larps 
Castle Whately
May 17-19, 2024

Approximately five minutes after wrap finished for the Sunday afternoon game at JoyCon last September, Alison came up to Gail:

"When can we do this again?!?"
"What game do you want to run next?"

Alison has a LARGE library of games, which continues to expand, so this will take some time to accomplish.

At JoyCon II, she'll be running her newest game, The Four Realms, on Saturday evening, plus Devil to Pay, a pirates game from several years ago on Friday evening. A brand-new superhero game will run on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon there will be a fairytale game.

Info here.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN. The link to the registration form has been sent to the JoyCon Groups.io list, as well as the Fête Fatale Groups.io list (enter your email address below left and hit Subscribe). Email Murder1 at fetefatale dot com if you have any questions or for a link to be directly emailed to you.

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